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Tuning Forks for Vibrational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Each tuning fork is hand made in the USA, of special high tensile strength aluminum alloy that is heat treated, making it light weight and durable. Each fork is hand tuned for frequency accuracy to within .01 Hertz. Tuning Forks are the most innovative sound and vibrational healing tools available to the novice or experienced healer.

How are tuning forks constructed? The main reason for using the fork shape is that it produces a very pure tone, with most of the vibrational energy at the fundamental frequency, and little at the overtones (harmonics), as is the case with other resonators. The reason for this is that the frequency of the first overtone is about 52/22 = 25/4 = 6 1/4 times the fundamental (about 2 1/2 octaves above it) By comparison, the first overtone of a vibrating string is only one octave above the fundamental. When the fork is struck, little of the energy goes into the overtone modes; they also die out correspondingly faster, leaving the fundamental. It is easier to tune other instruments with this pure tone.  Another reason for using the fork shape is that, when it vibrates in its principal mode, the handle vibrates up and down as the prongs move apart and together. There is a node (point of no vibration) at the base of each prong. The handle motion is small, allowing the fork to be held by the handle without damping the vibration, but it allows the handle to transmit the vibration to a resonator (like the hollow rectangular box often used), which amplifies the sound of the fork.  Without the resonator (which may be as simple as a table top to which the handle is pressed), the sound is very faint. The reason for this is that the sound waves produced by each fork prong are 180° out of phase with the other, so at a distance from the fork they interfere and largely cancel each other out. If a sound absorbing sheet is slid in between the prongs of a vibrating fork, reducing the waves reaching the ear from one prong, the volume heard will actually increase, due to a reduction of this cancellation.   Tuning forks themselves can be tuned by filing material off the prongs. Filing the ends of the prongs raises the pitch, while filing the inside of the base of the prongs lowers it.  

Genesis Tuning Fork 531 Hz - creates "something" When used with other tuning forks, the Genesis tuning fork can cause things to happen. This fork is also used to create "something". When used with the Mi DNA 528 Hz repair fork, the Genesis tuning fork helps to repair damaged portions of DNA. Use the Genesis 531 Hz tuning fork and experience the positive results. The creators of the tuning fork claim that the tuning fork will move bones and joints back into place when they are out of alignment. They also claim that the tuning fork will also repair and rebuild muscles and tissue. Genesis tuning fork frequency 531Hz is combined with the others to cause things to happen or to create things. Genesis standard tuning fork $33

Genesis STANDARD tuning fork

What are tuning forks used for? Many alternative/holistic healers and practioners use tuning forks in their work and dedication to the enhancement of humans, animals, plants and the environment. Before industrial noise pollution, the OM, eternal sound of the universe was heard and understood by all living and non-living universal participants.

Eight Chakra Tuning Forks Set generates the seven planetary audio frequencies of the seven Chakras and the newly discovered 8th Chakra, also known as the Transpersonal, Soul Purpose, and Soul Star. Each fork has frequency and name of the Chakra.  Eight chakra tuning fork set assists in clearing issues and will assist in reopening and manifesting your soul's purpose and helps with grounding. Stress of daily living and predictions for the future, prove that manifesting soul's purpose and grounding serve a useful purpose.


8 Chakra Tuning Fork Set