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Neuroon Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Device for Home Use and Travel

What are the benefits? 


 Neuroon, best sleep tracker.LUCID DREAMING APP FOR NEUROON Just 10 minutes with Neuroon Lucid Dreaming system each night multiply your chances of lucid dreaming. Neuroon system consists of three complementary modules.

1. Before Falling Asleep With a dozen of guided meditation sessions, divided into groups of powerful techniques, you will learn how to remember more of your dreams and how to become aware that you are dreaming. You can choose which techniques you want to try or let us decide for you.

2. During REM sleep One technique of inducing lucid dreaming is so called External Stimuli. During your sleep Neuroon system monitors your brain and when it detects REM stage, it triggers gentle flashing beams of light and vibrations that allow your brain to understand that you are dreaming without waking you up.

3. During the day To increase your chances of lucid dreaming, even more, Neuroon system provides an app build-in sleep diary, where you record your dreams and dedicated apps for Apple Watch / Android Gear for so-called reality check – training for lucid dreaming even when you are awake.


NEUROON TECHNOLOGY The Neuroon is a wearable technology system that combines medical grade sensors and software with a mobile application for your smart device. Using Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE, the mask communicates with the app on both IOS and Android systems, transferring your biometric data, and enabling you to access the full suite of six functionalities. For a full list of supported devices check the specifications section.

Neuroon, world's first smart sleep mask! 

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You can return your Neuroon only within 14 days since the delivery date.

The warranty for Neuroon lasts: 24 months for European Union countries and 12 months for other countries.

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