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Magnetic therapy for health Magnetic Therapy Sales Specialists, Inc.

Magnets to maintain health and treat illness. The human body and the earth naturally produce electric and magnetic fields.  Practitioners of magnetic field therapy believe that interactions between the body, the earth, and other electromagnetic fields cause physical and emotional changes in humans. They also believe that the body's electromagnetic field must be in balance to maintain good health. Practitioners apply magnetic field therapy to the outside of the body. The magnets may be: Electrically charged, to deliver an electrical pulse to the treated area. Used with acupuncture needles, to treat energy pathways in the body. Static (not electrically charged) and stationary on the treated area for periods of time, to deliver continuous treatment.

While scientists and physicians may have differing theories for how magnetic therapy actually works, they seem to agree that it is the combination of increased oxygenation and blood flow that may be the core cause of magnetic energy effectiveness. Considering that most disease is either a function of toxicity or deficiency, improved circulation would surely benefit our personal health. 

Magnetic therapy jewelry that can be worn by men and womenMagnetic jewelry, and support products may increase blood flow, which may allow the body’s own healing processes to be accelerated, as increased concentrations of oxygen and other vital nutrients are delivered to the blood cells. Every illness provides signs that our cells have been deprived of energy, oxygen, and nutrition or a buildup of toxins. When this occurs, the blood cell’s defense mechanism is weakened.

Magnetic Therapy may remove these blockages that get in the way of normal, natural healing, and could help your body to heal faster. Magnetic Therapy Sales Specialists, Inc. products are non-invasive, reasonably priced and in many instances, they may be highly effective. These days, more and more people are reaching out to the time-proven healing techniques of the past. All holistic treatments may provide one of the main avenues of sensation and have one thing in common; they take all the processes of nature into account. Magnetic therapy, like acupuncture, could reestablish order in your body's energy system and thereby allow healing to take place.

Health MagnetsThese easy-to-apply attractive magnetic jewelry items, support products, or Neodymium rare earth magnets, enables anyone to target a specific area of their body by providing magnetic energy, which in turn stimulates the healing process upon application. Anyone, even small children, can learn to apply a magnetic pad just as they have learned to apply a Band-Aid.

Magnetic Therapy Sales Specialists, Inc. Magnetic strength is measured in gauss units. Scientific studies show that each particular area of the body responds to slightly different gauss strengths, because the deeper the problem area the more magnetic energy is needed for penetration to reach that location. Obviously a toe or finger doesn't need as much magnetic energy because there is very little tissue and muscle depth, but if you have pain in your hip area, or a deep thigh bruise, deep muscle tissues that needs to be penetrated. 

Magnetic back belt with 24 magnets, 1000 gauss strength for men and womenBecause of these different scenarios within one's body you need to utilize the proper size magnet or group of magnets to assist you with the penetration depth or coverage of magnetic energy needed.   You can rest assured that the magnet you put on is always working, but it might not be effective because you haven’t figured out which strength or size magnet you need to assist in accommodating the problem area.


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