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Hemi-Sync for weight loss, control and management without diets or medication.

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Access to Energy  Explore and experience the vast reserve of energy deep within you and learn to access that energy anytime you wish. Sample 

Breaking Free from Addictions verbal guidance disconnect from useless habits, achieve a broader range of options in your life Sample 

Cable Car Ride  non-verbal uplifting rhythms and Hemi-Sync Sample 

Claiming Yourself verbal guidance by  Carolyn M. Ball, MA, LPC. Track 1, Thinking Empowering Thoughts.  Track 2, Healing Your Feelings. Sample 

Connecting With Your Inner Guides  verbal guidance Create a reunion and lasting communication with your personal inner guides. Sample 

Creating Success verbal guidance overcome limiting beliefs and learn to create the success you desire  Sample 

De-Hab verbal guidance Eliminate or diminish undesirable mental, emotional or physical habits, break free of anger or old emotional patterns, eliminate thoughts of failure or move beyond a cycle of negativity. Sample 

Emerging From Depression and Anxiety  verbal guidance find hope, restore peace of mind, and create your life in a conscious and intentional manner.  Sample 

Healing The Inner Child recover from childhood trauma and achieve all you want in life.  Sample 

Healing Journeys Support Series - verbal guidance  Patty Ray Avalon take control of your healing process.  Four verbally-guided exercises  Sample 

Hemi-Sync In Motion  Use this for dance, jogging, workout routines, or play in the background while cleaning house. Includes brief warm up and cool down tracks. Sample 

Hypertension verbal guidance  Utilize your mind/body connection to assist in balancing and adjusting your circulatory system and normalizing your blood pressure. Sample 

Inner Healer  verbal guidance Connect with your inner healer and create an emotional energy healing for yourself.  Sample 

Let Go Reduce or release overwhelming emotional reactions that interfere with calm or objective decision making, control your response to difficult circumstances and counter destructive patterns. Sample 

Mobius West verbal guidance  Create the reality you desire. Use Mobius West to program change in your thoughts, feelings, or behavior and to alter mental, emotional, or physical patterns.  Sample 

Nutricia verbal guidance  Exist comfortably on a small amount of food by maximizing the calories and nutrients your body absorbs, or choose to reduce your caloric and nutrient intake.  Sample 

Off-Loading Release restrictive or destructive mental, emotional and physical patterns which impede achievement of your goals. Use Off-Loading to overcome limiting beliefs, unwanted thoughts or undesirable behavior.  Sample 

Weight Loss with Hemi-Sync verbal guidance Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC,  Sample