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Hemi-Sync sleep, dreams, lucid dreaming, dream recall and the meaning of dreams for children and adults with verbal guidance or music.  Enjoy deep, restful, restorative sleep with Hemi-Sync sleep recordings and binaural beats.

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Hemi-Sync for children relaxation, stress reduction and sleep.  Bedtime stories and music.   Any Metamusic title on this page is appropriate for children of any age.

Catnapper Use during work. study breaks or to re-energize. Effective jet lag, irregular schedules or as the ultimate pick-me-up Sample

Deep 10 Relaxation verbal guidance and binaural beats for deep relaxation and sleep.  Sample

Desert Moon Song by Dean Evenson rain chant by Hopi elder Grandfather David Monoyne.  Sample

Dreamcatcher supports deep, restorative sleep when used in continuous play  Sample

Dreamland Elegant and mesmerizing soundscapes of Laura Nashman and and Michael Moon, and Hemi-Sync®  Sample

Deep Time Dreaming  A portal for shamanic travel and divine communion. Deep Time Dreaming is sacred music.  Sample

Dreamer's Journey  takes you on a tranquil voyage through hidden realms of consciousness Sample

The Dreaming Gate Enter a shamanic "dreamtime". Step outside your normal reality and into a place of magic Sample  

Hemi-Sync Nap Time for adults and children  25 minute nape Sample

It Dreams in Me  Enjoy a deep and profound relaxation with this soothing and innovative soundscape Sample

Hemi-Sync Lullaby the world's favorite lullabies move from deep relaxation into restful sleep. Laura Nashman on flute, John Alonso on piano, Hemi-Sync® sleep frequencies.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Lucid Dreaming DVD or download A four-exercise series teaches you to program and consciously participate in your own dreamscape.  Sample

Recharge Feel refreshed and revitalized following a short catnap. Sample

Restorative Sleep Easily enter into a deeply restorative sleep and support the process of healing Sample

Seaside Slumber Drift gently into deep, restorative sleep with soothing ocean waves, solo piano, and Hemi-Sync®. Sample

Sleep Deeply for children and adults.  Sample

Serene Sleep Instruments: Yamaha Motif, Ensonig ESQ-1 + Modified VFX-SD, and Access Virus C.  All compositions, programming and recordings by Gregory Kyryluk. Sample

Sleep Move easily and comfortably into natural, restful sleep and leave your daily concerns behind. Sample

Sleeping Through the Rain Journey across the border of wakefulness to deep relaxation into natural, refreshing sleep Sample

Sound Sleeper Enjoy the restorative benefits of a good night's rest with Sound Sleeper. Sample

Super Sleep helps you produce the natural brain-wave patterns of the Delta sleep state Sample

Sweet Dreams Program dreams, unleash creative potential, recall dreams upon awakening. Helpful with the induction of lucid dreaming. 

Wake/Know  Use before going to bed to acquire knowledge during sleep. Information or guidance will flow into waking awareness. Sample

Sleepsonic® Brocade Quilt Mini Pillow "Digital Stereo Headphones in a Pillow".  The versatile design allows it to be used on its own, or on top of your personal sleep pillow.

Sleepsonic® Brocade Quilt Standard Pillow  A Sleepsonic speaker pillow system that is now in a standard pillow size.  Comes with a cylindrical foam neck support.

Ultrasone iCan Headphones Ultra Low Emission design and patented S-Logic Natural Surround technology