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Hemi-Sync Shamanic training and Native American music.

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Between Worlds  shamanic music by Don Peyote and Naasko.  Sample 

Deep Time Dreaming by Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig - a portal for shamanic travel and divine communion - sacred music.  Sample 

Desert Moon Song by Dean Evenson's  Indian rain chant is by Hopi elder Grandfather David Monoyne  Sample 

Dimensions in Time  Apache Crown Dancer songs and Apache drums, partial segments of Omaha and Kiowa Indian cylinder recordings from 1894, and live recordings of Kiowa powwow songs. Sample 

Dreamcatcher Don Peyote and Naasko shamanic music supports deep, restorative sleep when used in continuous play. Sample 

The Dreaming Gate shamanic didgeridoo music of Inlakesh (Rob Thomas and Tanya Gerard) and Hemi-Sync®  spiritually evocative didgeridoo Sample 

Eternal Now Don Peyote's for mindfulness allow memories from the past and worries about the future to dissolve as you move into the presence of Being.  Sample 

Hanta Yo! DVD or download includes presents classic Native American shields, power symbols, and medicine wheels Sample 

Medicine Work by Byron Metcalf.  Shamanic medicine healing music.  Sample

Sacred Space verbal guidance Revered spiritual teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche masterfully guides you inward to feel, connect, and become the inner stillness, releasing anxiety, fears, and confusion.  Sample 

The Shaman's Heart by Byron Metcalf  listen to this experiential composition in one session preferably in a darkened, meditative environment.  Sample 

Shaman's Heart II by Byron Metcalf repeated use of this music in a personal ritual or ceremonial context will enhance the heart’s capacities for love, compassion, courage, power, and strength. Sample 

The Shaman's Heart Program Series live from a heart-centered/soul-based perspective with a unique and powerful combination of shamanic practice, ancient wisdom, various methods of spiritual growth, and Hemi-Sync. Develop authentic shamanic power, purpose and presence. Sample 

Spirit Gathering by Byron Metcalf shamanic music with Hemi-Sync.  Sample  

Turtle Island  by Patricia White Buffalo and Jane Ely, Ph.D. An American Indian creation bedtime story for children.  Sample  

Vision Quest Hemi-Sync and shamanic drumming performed by Kieran DeVerniero, an Elder in the Native American church.  Sample 

Where the Earth Touches the Stars  Native American with Hemi-Sync frequencies.  Sample 

Yantra Mantra Sacred Light Sacred Sound  merges the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal's enchanting voice with the relaxing Hemi-Sync beats and the breathtaking beauty of LightSOURCE live mandalas.  Perfect for group meditation and for individually finding peace within.