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Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating CDs or MP3s 

Hemi-Sync pain management for adults and children without the use of medication. 

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De-Discomfort  Use the mind/body connection to lower the volume of chronic pain signals.  Sample

Energy Walk Obtain greater vitality and personal strength with a verbally guided inner journey to natural sources of energy.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Inner Healer With the aid of Hemi-Sync frequencies, Lee Stone guides you into a space of receptivity to connect with your inner healer.   Sample

Hemi-Sync Pain Management for acute and chronic pain to help restore the vitality and dynamic energy needed for the perfect functioning of both mind and body.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Passages reduce and eliminate pain due to hormonal changes at any stage of life.  Sample

Total Relaxation by Winter Robinson.  Use to reduce stress, relax and management and eliminate pain.  Sample

See Hemi-Sync Metamusic for music for relaxation, stress and anxiety management to reduce body tension and pain.