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Support for Stroke Recovery (CD)Hemi-Sync Stroke Recovery Series can be used in hospitals, re-hab and at home by the patient, caregiver, physical and occupational therapist. 

Hemi-Sync Stroke Recovery incorporates verbal guidance and subtle sound effects plus specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies to guide the listener into focused, whole-brain states of consciousness in stroke recovery Hemi-Sync Stroke Recovery Series an integrative medical approach to healing.

The Support for Stroke Recovery Series incorporates verbal guidance and subtle sound effects plus specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies to guide the listener into focused, whole-brain states of consciousness. 

The primary focus of this series is to assist in actively participating in the body's own natural healing process. 

A growing body of evidence supports the interconnectedness of mind and body' and medical research now shows that our words, thoughts, and feelings have substantial impacts on our bodies. 

This series combines relaxation, affirmations, and guided imagery to help rediscover the body's innate wisdom, and to maximize your body's natural tendency to heal and restore balance. 

General notes on the use of Support for Stroke Recovery: The Monroe Products and Interstate Industries, Inc. are not medical or therapeutic organizations. 

Support for Stroke Recovery is recommended for use with the knowledge, cooperation, and/or participation of the patient's health care practitioners, as a complement to standard care. 

Relaxation - Since the beginner of human existence, relaxation has been a natural pathway back toward homeostasis and personal harmony. "The relaxation response" is a state in which individuals evoke a bodily calm that has the opposite effect of the fight-or-flight response. Many health benefits of the relaxation response have been documents, and the special Hemi-Sync sounds on each of these exercises have been proven to help facilitate movement into profound states of deep relaxation. 

Affirmations - Affirmations are positive statements designed to strongly reinforce your intention, in this case your desire, to return to normal, healthy functioning. These statements are repeated as you move into deep relaxation and natural sleep to support and communicate your desire to all parts of your conscious and subconscious awareness. 

Mental or Guided Imagery - Imagery, or guided visualization, is the use of the imagination to invoke each or all of the senses. Imagery has been referred to as the communication mechanism between perception, emotion, and physical changes and, as such, as a long history rich in traditional healing rituals.  Through research in labs and clinical settings, mental imagery has been shown repeatedly to be effective for a wide variety of positive outcomes. In addition, most individuals report the additional advantage of feeling a new sense of control over their treatments and, most importantly, their lives.

Recent Brain Research - Researchers are learning that the brain is always growing and changing, and that its inherent plasticity contributes to recovery after damage, as well as to learning and memory.  Recent studies suggest that the brain is far more flexible and adaptive than scientist had previously believed. As an example, conventional scientific wisdom states that the left hemisphere of the brain governs speech. Yet recently a number of children who had their entire left hemispheres surgically removed were able to recover their linguistic abilities. Their linguistic faculties had transferred to the right side of the brain.   



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