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Massage Therapy Collection (CD)Hemi-Sync Massage Therapy Collection  4 album set. Relax body, mind, and spirit with the music and Hemi-Sync® selections of the Massage Therapy Collection.

Ideal for massage therapy, bodywork and energy healing or for personal deep sustained relaxation.

Help manage stress and balance subtle energy systems with this assortment of Metamusic® titles that promote deep relaxation and exquisite states of inner tranquility.

4-Metamusic® titles (also available individually $19.95 for CD $14.96 each download): 

Dreamseed- Gain harmonic attunement with the low vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo Sample

Gaia- Flute and guitar sounds blend exquisitely with the soothing sounds of water Sample

Himalayan Soul- Enjoy a deep sense of well-being with enchanting flute music Sample

Inner Journey- Ethereal sounds provide a deeply relaxing melodic flow to relieve stress. Sample


Massage Therapy Collection (CD) - $59.85 from: Hemi-Sync  

Massage Therapy Collection (Digital Download) - $44.89 from: Hemi-Sync