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Hemi-Sync headphones and sleep pillows

Sleepsonic Brocade Quilt Mini Pillow A new concept in personal stereo sound delivery Sleepsonic is a special mini-pillow with a built-in set of dynamic digital stereo speakers. The versatile design allows it to be used on its own, or on top of your personal sleep pillow. Perfect for those who prefer freedom from regular stereo headphones, Sleepsonic speaker pillow enhances stereo listening by bringing high fidelity sound closer to your ears from your portable MP3, iPod, CD/tape player, stereo system, PC or home system, without disturbing anyone around you.



Sleepsonic Brocade Quilt Standard Pillow"Digital Stereo Headphones in a Pillow" A Sleepsonic speaker pillow system that is now in a standard pillow size. The Sleepsonic standard pillow incorporates the same fine audio components, covered in a stylish, yet comfortable brocade quilt pillow cover and plush fill to give your reclined listening and sleep the comfort of a standard sized pillow. Comes with a cylindrical foam neck support.



Ultrasone iCans A new sound standard for portable sound devices. iCans are designed to be small for use with personal CD players, iPods, MP3 and other audio playback devices.