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Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating CDs or MP3s 

Hemi-Sync recordings for emotional balance, stress management and anxiety reduction help you cope with the stressors of life.  Hemi-Sync emotional stability recordings can be used at home, work or school.   

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Chakra Meditation Dolphin sounds and music combine to help align and balance each of the seven major chakras in this verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise, created and voiced by Eluv Sample

Chakra Journey Each musical track focus on a chakra, from the root (key of C), to the crown (key of B), relieve stress and emotional blockages. The final track is designed to balance and ground you.  Sample

Creating Success Two verbally guided exercises to overcome limiting beliefs and to open the doors to living your passion. Track 1 Defining and Believing in Your Success. Track 2 Steps to Living Your Passion.  Sample

De-Hab Eliminate or diminish undesirable mental, emotional or physical habits. Use De-Hab anytime you are about to follow a behavior imprint you wish to change Sample

Eat No Eat Gain control over your desire for food with Eat/No Eat. Learn a simple method to regulate your brain's response to hunger signals and the sensory stimulation from aromas Sample

Emerging from Depression and Anxiety Find hope, restore peace of mind, create your life in a conscious and intentional manner. Two exercises: Dissolving Depression and Ending Anxiety Sample

Healing the Inner Child Return to a time in your childhood, where something occurred that was difficult and still limits you in some way... allow the wisdom and skills you acquire to bring healing Sample

Hemi-Sync Healing Journey Support  Four verbally-guided exercises on include: Body Harmony, Chakra Tune-Up, Healing Helpers, and Heart Energy, to help you access your heart’s energy so you may live more fully, deeply and peacefully Sample

Inner Healer Actualize your wholeness and fully align yourself to a higher level of emotional and physical health Sample

Inner States Dawning of Awareness Series Explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns. Sample

Metamusic - music with binaural beats for a clam, relaxed, focus, balance state of mind.  Use for sleep, stress management, anxiety reduction, emotional balance and well bing.

Mobius West Create the reality you desire. Maximize your achievements and/or establish new directions in your life. Use Möbius West to program change in your thoughts, feelings, or behavior and to alter mental, emotional, or physical patterns Sample

Partners Meditation This exercise created and voiced by Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D., is designed to deepen the joy, appreciation and richness that you and your partner experience from your relationship Sample

Total Relaxation by Winter Robinson for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  Sample

Transforming Life's Challenges  Hemi-Sync® meditation to help release emotions, invoke love, and generate life-giving energy to assist you in moving to a higher vibration. This facilitates the activation of your body's natural healing abilities, allowing you to move beyond negative thought patterns and replace them with the positive energy of love and support.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Weight Loss Align yourself with your ideal body weight and change beliefs, perspectives and habits that previously perpetuated carrying extra pounds.  Sample