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Monroe Products Hemi-Sync death, dying, out of body experiences and near death experiences recordings and books.

Going Home® Series Dramatically reduce the common fear of physical death.  There are two parts to this series, The Subject (the person facing physical death) and the Support for family, hospitals, nursing homes and Hospice care. 

Going Home Subject Series designed for the person facing physical death.

Going Home® Support Series designed to help family and friends better understand and accept the reality of the death process.  May be purchased individually - Subject - the person facing physical death, Support - family, friends, hospitals, Hospice.

Destination Higher Self - Higher Self! audio program will provide a powerful method of exploring consciousness for anyone seeking to reduce the fear of death and focus on their ultimate spiritual goal.   Sample

Exploring Other Lives - Exploring Other Lives use for reincarnation experiences and past life regression.  Sample

Hemi-Sync, Gateway Wave series, as taught at the Monroe Products.  This life-enhancing program is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness.  Click on the title to see each individual description and hear samples.

Into the Light  Near-Death four guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience.  Sample

Support for Journeys Out of Body Series - series with six exercises for achieving the Out of Body state Sample