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Hemi-Sync sleep recordings for children help children to sleep peacefully and awake refreshed. 

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Angles Fairies Wizards children's relaxation and sleep verbal guidance and music Sample 

Hemi-Sync Joy Jumper Track 1 features a narrated bedtime
story followed by music and Hemi-sync. Track 2 features music and
Hemi-Sync Sample

Hemi-Sync Lullaby  A gentle, enchanting collection of the world's favorite lullabies move from deep relaxation into restful sleep. Laura Nashman on flute, John Alonso on piano, Hemi-Sync® sleep frequencies.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Nap Time a restorative refreshing nap for children and adults.  Sample

Robbie the Rabbit Children will delight in the fanciful tale of Robbie the Rabbit.  Sample

Sleep Deeply for children and adults. Enjoy a peacefu, refreshing, restful sleep. Sample

Sleepy Locust Children's bedtime story. Track 1 a story and sleep enhancement frequencies for deep and restful sleep. Track 2 pink sounds and ocean surf. Sample

Turtle Island An American Indian “creation” story. Track 1: voiced by Jane Ely, Ph.D. Track 2: soothing ocean surf (pink noise). Instruments featured: rattle, flute and drum. Sample

Unicorn Named Georgia  Georgia’s magical bedtime story voiced by the author, Morgan MacKenzie-Perkins, along with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement