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Hemi-Sync CD-ROMS and video downloads for home, office, classrooms, waiting rooms - any place any time you want total relaxation and stress and anxiety reduction.

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Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync CD-ROM (Software) Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync®Download, CD-ROM or DV ...breathes light and life into mystical, sacred symbols of the Far East. Sample

Chakra Journey with Hemi-Sync DVD from Hemi-Sync Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with this visual meditation combined with the best selling Metamusic® title by ThunderBeat.  Sample

Hanta Yo! CD-ROM and DVD presents classic Native American shields, power symbols, and medicine wheels Sample

LIGHTSOURCE 2nd Edition DVD, CD-ROM, screensaver for Mac or Windows with Deep Time Dreaming shamanic music by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig.    Sample

Lucid Dreaming  DVD and download series Lucid Dreaming is an opportunity to benefit from states of expanded awareness during sleep. Sample In English or Japanese

Yantra Mantra - Sacred Light Sacred Sound merges the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal's enchanting voice with the relaxing Hemi-Sync beats and the breathtaking beauty of LightSOURCE live mandalas.