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Hemi-Sync Behavior Change and Modification recordings for children, teenagers, adults and seniors can be used at home, work, school or while traveling.  Make behavior changes that enhance your present and future.  Let Hemi-Sync transform your life producing a happier, healthier life style. Relaxation and anger management are vital to behavior modification. Changing anger and stress into a calm relaxed state of being improves health as well as happiness.

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Breaking Free From Addictions As you go through the steps of healing your addictions, you will discover how to remove the physical cravings, and how to achieve the emotions you want without the addictive patterns. Sample

Hemi-Sync Claiming Yourself Two guided exercises to transform mental and emotional “programs.” Track 1, Thinking Empowering Thoughts, Track 2, Healing Your Feelings Sample

Hemi-Sync Creating Success Verbally guided for overcoming limiting beliefs and opening the door to living your passion. Track 1 Defining and Believing in Your Success. Track 2 Steps to Living Your Passion Sample

Hemi-Sync De-Hab Verbal guidance and binaural beats help you break free of anger or old emotional patterns, eliminate thoughts of failure or move beyond a cycle of negativity Sample

Hemi-Sync Eat No Eat Learn a simple method to regulate your brain's response to hunger signals and the sensory stimulation from aromas. Use to support a balanced diet and maintain your desired weight Sample

Hemi-Sync Emerging From Depression and Anxiety Two exercise, Dissolving Depression and Ending Anxiety, teaches empowering thoughts and effective new perspectives. Relax and open your mind to greater possibilities Sample

Hemi-Sync Energy Walk Achieve greater balance and harmony and support the perfect functioning of mind and body using  deepening states of relaxation throughout your journey, until you drift gently into a restful sleep Sample

Hemi-Sync Exploring Our Future by Lee Stone Travel to the future to see how the world has changed geophysically, socially, economically and technologically. Explore the world in the selected year of your choosing Sample

Hemi-Sync Freedom From Smoking Track 1 verbal guidance to strengthen your mind/body connection and focuses your total self. Track 2(A New Life) helps you control your weight and create a healthy new lifestyle following your decision to become a non-smoker Sample

Hemi-Sync Healing the Inner Child Allow the wisdom and skills you acquire to bring healing.  With the aid of Hemi-Sync®, Lee Stone guides your adult self to remember and witness this event in a safe and detached manner. Sample

Hemi-Sync Inner States Dawning of Awareness Gain deeper awareness for enhanced living and being. Activate the power within, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm and transcend limiting thoughts Sample

Hemi-Sync Mobius West Program change in your thoughts, feelings, or behavior and to alter mental, emotional, or physical patterns.  Verbally guided with cues Sample

Hemi-Sync Morning Exercise Pursue life to the fullest. Begin your day with Morning Exercise and plan a productive and highly successful outcome for your day's activities Sample

 Hemi-Sync Off-Loading Release restrictive or destructive mental, emotional and physical patterns which impede achievement of your goals Sample

Hemi-Sync Partners Meditation Verbally guided by Joe Gallenberger Ph.D., to deepen the joy, appreciation and richness of your relationship Sample

Hemi-Sync Series Positively Ageless Guided meditations, affirmations, creative visualizations, and other tools to help you rewrite the program of aging, allowing you to feel younger, healthier, stronger, and more at peace while enhancing the overall quality of your life Sample

Hemi-Sync Resonant Tuning combines a vocal/breathing exercise to reduce your internal dialogue. Use in preparation for entering meditative states or simply to quiet an overactive mind Sample

Hemi-Sync Speak Up Address groups or individuals with ease and calmness. Speak Up teaches you a method to overcome shyness and enhance confidence when speaking in public Sample

Hemi-Sync Streamhaven Track 1 verbally guidance; Track 2 non-verbal 30 minute free flow use anytime.  Voiced by A. J. Honeycutt  Sample

Hemi-Sync Transforming Life's Challenges  Focus your energy toward health and vitality by reconnecting with the life force within. Release emotions, invoke, love and generate life-giving energy to move you to a higher vibration  Sample