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Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating CDs or MP3s 

Hemi-Sync may be used for recovery, with 12 step programs and with professional treatment.

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Access to Information Enhance your ability to access your own personal library of information and knowledge.  Sample

Breaking Free From Addictions Disconnect from useless habits, achieve a broader range of options in your life, and let in a greater experience of joy.  By Carolyn Ball, MA, PLC, with Hemi-Sync Sample

Cable Car Ride Enjoy an infusion of cheerful energy as you awaken to joyful, uplifting rhythms and Hemi-Sync®.  Sample

Chakra Journey DVD Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with this visual meditation combined with the best selling Metamusic® title by ThunderBeat.

Chakra Meditation align and balance each of the seven major chakras.  Hemi-Sync® exercise, created and voiced by Eluv. Sample

Claiming Yourself Carolyn M. Ball, MA, LPC, two guided experiences geared to facilitate real changes in how you think and feel about yourself, helping you claim your Self by transforming mental and emotional "programs.” Sample

 De-Hab Eliminate or diminish undesirable mental, emotional or physical habits. Sample

De-Tox Body Enhance your body's natural ability to cleanse itself of destructive substances. Sample

Eat No Eat Use to support a balanced diet and maintain your desired weight. Sample

Eight Great Enhance calmness, confidence and self-esteem with Eight-Great and express your best. Sample

Emerging From Depression and Anxiety two exercise, Dissolving Depression and Ending Anxiety, Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC music by Steve Sakellarios  Sample

 Energy Walk achieve greater balance and harmony and support the perfect functioning of mind and body. Sample

Freedom From Smoking Overcome your smoking addiction and restore optimum health with this life affirming Hem-Sync exercise. Sample

Guide to Serenity Achieve profound states of inner peace and calm and learn to recreate such states whenever you wish.  Sample

Healing the Inner Child Return to a time in your childhood, where something occurred that was difficult, and still limits you in some way. With the aid of Hemi-Sync®, Lee Stone guides your adult self to remember and witness this event in a safe and detached manner. Sample

Let Go Control your response to difficult circumstances and counter destructive patterns.  Use to relieve anxiety, overcome anger or alleviate depressed feelings.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Meditation The deeply relaxing sound patterns of Hemi-Sync® Meditation will gently lead you into powerful, free-flow explorations and leave you centered, focused and totally refreshed.  Sample

Hemi-Sync In Motion for dance or workout routines with upbeat electronic music by J. S. Epperson and Hemi-Sync.  Sample

Hemi-Sync Metamusic for concentration, relaxation, sleep, stress management and anxiety reduction and more.

Healing Journey Support with Hemi-Sync by Patty Ray Avalon take control of your own healing process. Four verbally-guided exercises. Sample

Inner Healer by Lee Stone Release emotions that limit you from a more positive life experience. Actualize your wholeness and fully align yourself to a higher level of emotional and physical health. Sample

Inner States Dawning of Awareness explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns.  Sample

Manifesting with Hemi-Sync expand your awareness and energy to assist you in creating new or enhanced patterns that you may desire. Sample

Mobius West Create the reality you desire. Maximize your achievements and/or establish new directions in your life. Program change in your thoughts, feelings, or behavior and to alter mental, emotional, or physical patterns. Sample

Morning Exercise program your day for achievement.  Positive images and messages are embedded deeply into your consciousness so that you can be your very best.  Sample

Nutricia Exist comfortably on a small amount of food by maximizing the calories and nutrients your body absorbs, or choose to reduce your caloric and nutrient intake. Sample

Off Loading Release restrictive or destructive mental, emotional and physical patterns which impede achievement of your goals. Sample

Opening the Heart Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. Sample

Options solve problems objectively and with confidence in your personal, professional or academic life. Sample

Transforming Life's Challenges release emotions, invoke love, and generate life-giving energy to assist you in moving to a higher vibration.  Move beyond negative thought patterns and replace them with the positive energy of love and support. Sample

Hemi-Sync Wisdom in Essence a spiritual rebirth if we are to survive the hurricane of change that lies ahead. Open to your innermost being and guidance to effectively and creatively deal with change as you experience. Sample

Weight Loss by Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC Powerful affirmations and new perspectives support your ability to overcome limiting beliefs that bring about an overweight condition.  Sample

Your Heart's Song Obtain a greater sense of yourself and your life’s purpose, live more gracefully and fearlessly, and radiate love as you attune to the vibration of your heart's song. Sample